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We offer our clients complete flexibility in designing buildings and facilities to their specific needs, be it on site erection for longer term projects, or the rental of units for short term projects. Our erection teams include project managers, site managers and safety officers which are highly trained and experienced with African conditions. We utilize local labor and suppliers ensuring the transferring of skills and supporting local economies wherever possible. Electrical Certificates are issued for each and every complete installation. Our dedicated management team has a hand on approach visiting sites and customers on a regular basis. Our panels conform to ISO 9001 standards, electrics to South African Bureau of Standards and all our other disciplines to the National Building Standards of South Africa. Application of the PDS insulated system lends itself to quick and cost effective solutions. The buildings are fully insulated, rust proof, low maintenance and will exceed a life span of at least 30 years. Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to Contact Us
Rentals: PDS design and supply rental units, all of which are certified by professional engineers. Click here to read more about prefabricated rentals. Please Contact Us for further information on rental prices and unit availability.
Our Health, Safety and Environmental expectations are vital and integral elements of our business. Our aim is to achieve a safety level that causes no harm to personnel, assets or the environment through implementation of skilled on-site safety officers and management as well as on going risk assessments. Safety and awareness is our number one priority on any contract and we are proud to announce that to date we have a 100% safety record for the numerous contracts we have been involved on.With increasing global demand to provide products and services that are not harmful to the environment, Prefab Design Services C.C has taken on a new outlook with regards to the manufacturing element of projects and has power-saving and “green” products available that cause no damage to our environment. Our policies for environmental protection start at manufacturing level and are present throughout the entire contract until handover. Every staff member has a role to play in the success of our environmental expectations and various systems and procedures are being adapted to achieve this vision.Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to Contact Us